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Are you looking for a car insurance in the Netherlands? No need to look any further - Allianz Direct is your go-to car insurer!

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Car insurance Netherlands

Are you looking for a car insurance in the Netherlands? No need to look any further - Allianz Direct is your go-to car insurer! With Allianz Direct, you enjoy great coverage, good terms & conditions, and a low premium. Of course, we also offer all car insurances with standard €0 deductible. If your car has a Dutch license plate, we are happy to help you!

Car insurance with Allianz Direct

Allianz Direct is one of the main car insurers in the Netherlands. If you’re looking for a low premium with great coverage and outstanding customer service, you’re at the right place. At Allianz Direct, you get to choose what cover you want. You can pick one of three options: WA, Beperkt Casco or All Risk. Whichever you decide on, you can always rely on our help when needed.

Our different coverages

WA is our most basic car insurance. With the WA coverage, you comply with the legal obligation to insure your car. WA covers damage that you cause to others. Most people pick this cover for cars older than 12 years.

If you’re looking for a broader coverage, Beperkt Casco might be the right fit for you. This cover is perfect for cars between the ages of 6-12 years old. This product covers damage you cause to others, as well as window damage, theft and burglary, and damage caused by storms, fires and wild animals. Perfect if you want that extra bit of coverage without paying too much!

If you want the full-package for your car insurance, All Risk is the way to go. This cover is our most broad insurance and includes all of the above coverages, plus damage caused by vandalism and damage you accidentally caused yourself.

Add extra’s to your car insurance Netherlands

Once you’ve picked one of the coverages for your car insurance, it’s time to decide on additional coverages. At Allianz Direct, you are in charge; you decide on what else to include. For example, you can buy our Pechhulp, which covers roadside assistance in all of Europe. You can also go for our Inzittendenverzekering, to insure yourself and your passengers in case of damage or injuries to one of your passengers.

Next to the add-ons, you are also free to decide on the deductible you want for your car insurance. Our standard deductible is €0, but this is up to you! Last but not least, you are flexible in your contract as you can cancel your insurance any day.

Car insurance Netherlands: Allianz Direct

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All Risk car insurance

If you're looking for the full package car insurance - you have found it! Calculate your premium right away, and drive around insured today.

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